you've reached minoru-yokoo.com

thanks for dropping by.

if you're here, it means you know me or curious as to who i am.

all those little things about me on the interwebs probably confused you? i don't blame you, it confuses me too. but i like it that way.

so, you're not here by pure coincidence.

so listen, i do all kinds of stuff and i'm proud of it. rather than being all 2D and oh so printing mill to 20th century about it, why don't you talk to me directly if you want to ask questions?

if you want to get in touch, i am on twitter, facebook,email, phone, etc, the usual channels. english or japanese please, let's avoid speaking through translation.

oh, if you're here just to cyber stalk me, i am honestly flattered. just don't hurt me. please.


last intentionally modified on April 2016